With our 3D c-cam camera we provide you with a powerful system that leaves nothing to be desired for live 3D data capture of people. From the laser system to the exposure equipment, you can expect highly detailed scans that can be quickly converted to sub-surface engravings with fantastic detail.

All components from Cerion are perfectly matched to work together in unison. We offer the 3D c-cam camera system for the creation of 3D photos as a complete package including a transport case, motorized tripod and our powerful image exposure and crystalab processing software.

The c-cam allows for scans of up to 4 people at once within a few seconds. The final results are accomplished with only a few clicks, and within minutes you can create high-resolution 3D image files.

Standard features include an extra large exposure area for capturing up to 4 people, Adjustable tilt to prevent reflection from those that wear glasses and motor-assisted vertical adjustment for quick, easy on the fly adjustments when processing high traffic at your retail location.

Some further highlights on the c-cam system:

  • Modular concept for easy transportation
  • Complete installation in only a few minutes
  • Simple connection to your PC via USB
  • High image resolution with greyscale
  • Powerful¬† and quick crystalab software
  • Short exposure time
  • Combination of single shots
  • Integrated 2D photo processing with many useful tools

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