The CERICOM (Cerion) c-jet compact sub-surface laser engraving system is a high speed, high performance transportable system. The c-jet2 sub-surface laser engraving (SSLE) system is engineered specifically for engraving of crystal products ranging from small keychains all the way up to a large a 11.8” crystal award and any size in between. This system also allows for multi-mode operation so that multiple crystals can be engraved in a batch, even if there is a different image and/or personalization in each crystal. The convenient auto-shutdown functionality allows the system to complete a batch unattended and then shut itself down when finished.

The c-jet2 is air cooled and very quiet for operation in an office or retail environment. It has a large automatic motor powered door through which the engraving can be viewed and enjoyed by excited customers at retail locations.

Fully transportable, the c-jet2 features quick and easy installation with no calibration required after transporting. A standard rolling flight case is included and an auto-lifting case is optional. Also included with the c-jet2 is the machine control software “c-control”. C-control allows for precise control of engravings, placement of different sized crystals in the same batch and multiple engraving modes for optimal performance with 2D, 3D and both 2D and 3D engravings within the same crystal.

The c-jet2 is virtually maintenance free! To learn more about the c-jet2 and c-cam systems please visit the CERICOM (Cerion) website HERE.

Adding CERICOM’s 3D camera solution, “c-cam”, to the c-jet2 allows for a complete turn-key retail operation, scanning up to 4 people in a single sitting and then engraving and finishing a 3D crystal in a short amount of time.

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