The patented CERION c-vertica laser system from CERION is a leap forward in the engraving technology of flat glass. With its space-saving vertical orientation less manufacturing footprint area is required and loading is made easier. The c-vertica is available in a variety of configurations of both size and laser type, with the smallest handling glass 4.2’ x 8.2’ and the largest at 10’ x 44’ and many models in between. Custom machines are also available for even larger panel sizes and special applications.

The c-vertica can be equipped with a sub-surface laser or a surface laser or on larger models even both laser types. It is ideal for processing most types of flat glass in varying thicknesses, both tempered and non-tempered.

A single technician can potentially operate the c-vertica laser engraving system and when combined with the optional glass storage magazine, the system can sequentially place and retrieve glass onto the engraving platform, creating the capability for 24/7 unattended operation.

To learn more about the c-vertica systems and components please visit the CERION website HERE.

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