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Sub­-Surface Laser Engraving

Sub-­surface engraving in architectural glass offers both breathtaking design possibilities and practical solutions to real world problems that are not available with any other technology. Explore the possibilities of this technology in interior design, exterior design, and even art installations.

Surface Laser Engraving

Surface laser engraving offers a wealth of design and practical solutions for virtually all architectural glass applications. GlassWorks provides engraving services using the exclusive CERION surface engraving technology, which transforms the world of glass engraving. Ultra-high resolution designs including half ­toned gray scale images are now available in North America!

Mirror Laser De-Coating

GlassWorks now also offers CERION’s exclusive mirror de-­coating process, opening a vast array of design possibilities on mirrors. Simple to complex designs can be de-coated and can be additionally back lit for an amazing effect.

Painted Glass Laser De-Coating

Much like the laser de-coating of mirrored glass, de-coating of painted glass offers a new world of design possibilities by removing desired areas of paint and engraving the glass below it, creating a beautiful contrast between painted and engraved glass.

Custom Laser Engraving

GlassWorks has a design staff of skilled 2D and 3D designers and modelers with years of experience combined with years of Laser Engraving to bring your custom glass engraving project to life with optimal results!

GlassWorks Laser Engraved Doors

GlassWorks is excited to bring the exclusive breakthrough capabilities of ultra high definition gray scale (microscopic half-toning) laser surface engraving of architectural glass to North America. Our premiere line of architectural glass products featuring this new technology are our surface laser engraved glass doors. GlassWorks has an available catalog of stock engraving designs which have been carefully calibrated for optimal optical effects in a variety of applications. Custom designs for professional, hospitality, and health care facility applications are also available.


Exclusive from GlassWorks for North America

3D Laser Engraving MachineC-Matrix


The high performance, small footprint, portable c-­jet2 sub-surface engraving system is perfect for retail and lower volume engraving. At retail, customers will be amazed watching the laser in action, quickly engraving 2D or 3D images captured with the CERION 3D camera c-­cam or even direct from a photo. Combined with CERION’s engraving file creation software crystalab pro 2, endless possibilities are available in engraving of crystal awards, promotional products, gifts and more.


The c­-professional sub-surface engraving system is designed to meet the needs of high volume engraving production. Hundreds of blank crystal or glass blocks may be positioned on the engraving platform in preparation for continuous unmanned automated engraving operation. The c-professional laser engraving system is available in configurations with either a 4 kHz or 10 kHz laser installed. The c-professional has a proven record of long-term reliability with consistent high throughput and efficient low-cost man-hour and energy operation for commercial production environments.


The c­-matrix product line is currently being redesigned to showcase new CERION innovations in glass processing technology. Check back soon for the announcement of the launch date for this redesigned c-matrix laser system product line, and other details on this exciting new technology.


This flagship CERION laser engraving system is offered exclusively to the North American market by GlassWorks. The c-vertica is available in configurations with either or both surface and sub-­surface engraving capabilities. The c-vertica is available with an optional automated robotic glass loading system, which dramatically increases production throughput, reduces downtime, man hours, and improves the safety of the production environment. A newly released optional 150 watt laser upgrade is available for existing c-vertica systems, and new systems to provide a dramatic reduction in engraving time.


3D Pictures In GlassOptical Crystal Awards
Promotional Products
Corporate Gifts

Optical Crystal Awards

GlassWorks Crystal division, GW Crystal, is well into its second decade of experience in the manufacturing, engraving and design of sub-­surface and surface engraved optical crystal awards. GW’s specialty is the design of complex 3D models which showcase and transform highly crafted works of architecture, engineering, and art into a crystal award which is at a standard suitable for those it honors.

Crystal Promotional Products

GlassWorks has a large catalog of promotional crystal products ranging from drink coasters to keychains, and includes a series of patented USB flash drive designs. GW’s crystal promotional products instill quality, innovation and branding of your product. GW’s years of promotional product manufacturing can be relied upon for an unparalleled record of quality and on time delivery to project the image your company has earned.

Crystal Corporate Gifts

Much like promotional products, a corporate gift sends a message to the recipient about what value they hold to the gift giver. GW understands the quality and care needed in the corporate gift market, and stands behind its entire catalog of crystal corporate gifts which range from crystal clocks to crystal desk sets and more.